Best 3D Printers Under $200_ Reviews & Buyer Guide

There are some 3D printers that are very expensive, but you cannot justify the price. Your prints should not suffer as well. 

The world of budget printers is filled with duds, and finding the best one takes a lot of research.

In the 3D printing world, these aren’t Ferraris or Porsches.

Even though some of the 3D printers on this list bear familiar brands, none of them will shock you. The budget nature of these printers will be evident upon examination. To ensure there are no lemons on this list, more than 10 hours of research and testing were done. A decent quality 3D printer with decent performance will be affordable.

Below you’ll find a list of printers that are designed to fit every need, whether it’s to minimize cost, maximize performance, or have a big build volume.

Best 3D Printers Under $200 At A Glance

We have compiled a list of the best budget printers under $200. Our reviews of these models were done with care and honesty.Take note of what features matter most to you in a 3D printer as you read on. 

1. Creality Ender 3 (Best Overall)

Creality Ender 3_img_1

In comparison to the other printers on this list, the Ender 3 has a significantly larger build volume. 

Your 3D printing horizons are now wider than ever before.

In comparison to the less expensive alternatives, the Ender 3 costs just under $200 (but there are often special offers from the manufacturer’s website).

The printer can be modified, upgraded, and tweaked at your leisure. 

Furthermore, after losing power, a print can be continued. Furthermore, it is heated as well as huge. You can print stronger filament materials with this, which makes printing easier.

The printer needs some assembly out of the box before you can use it. My assembly took three hours. You might want to watch videos for the tricky steps since the instructions get confusing at times. 

You can learn a great deal about your 3D printer by putting together DIY 3D printer kits. 

Your prints will look great once it’s all set up. We have similar resolutions as other companies.

There is a huge following for the company Reality in the community of 3D printing. Their printers are discussed extensively on their forums. The troubleshooting steps can be found online if you encounter an issue.

With a high print volume and outstanding overall performance, the Creality Ender 3 is tied for the top on this list. It’s the best printer under $200 thanks to the additional features and print quality.


  • Plates that are heated
  • When power is restored, printing will resume
  • Software that is available for free
  • Community of millions of online users
  • Performance was excellent


  • Needs to be assembled

2. Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 (Best For Beginners)

Monoprice MP Select Mini V2_IMG_1

The best printer for beginners is a budget printer like this one. Unlike lots of other printers, this one does not need assembly or special expertise to operate.

The Select Mini V2 from Monoprice makes everything easy. Even troubleshooting tips are provided as part of the UI.

The build plate can be more easily started and removed when it is heated. A knob beside the screen can be used to control this. Due to the lack of a touchscreen, there is less reliability.The printer is extremely reliable, and its print quality is decent.

There are a lot of restrictions on print volume. Other negatives include the fact that this printer barely makes it onto the list of under-$200 printers. In every other category, it compensates for its pricey build volume.

The user will have an easier time printing due to all of these points..


  • Heat-treated build plate
  • Excellent user interface
  • User-friendly
  • The entire unit is preassembled


  • The volume of builds is small

3. Anycubic Mega Zero (Highest Quality)

Anycubic Mega Zero

To keep the price under $200, the printer is designed with intentionally flawed components. There are many in its packaging and aesthetics. Mega Zero has great quality and an ugly design. Nevertheless, it is still a great product.

Despite being metal, it is not heated. Calibration is made much easier with the big twist knobs on the bed. 

In order to keep the price low, Anycubic requires users to assemble the unit before use. If you need help troubleshooting, they provide details and plenty of resources online.

A unique feature of this printer is that after a power loss, a print will continue to be produced.

According to this list, this is the build volume with the highest number. The estimate is exceptionally accurate. The resolution is not different from their others. No matter where you turn it, you can always rely on it.

Metal frameworks are less vibrational since they are metal. Thus, a better result is obtained due to a stronger setup during printing.

The Anycubic Mega Zero was designed with some design changes to guarantee it’s the best printer under $200. We have a printer that is highly accurate, produces a great deal of volume, and is very fast.


  • Excellent performance in general
  • There are a lot of builds
  • Structures made of metal are sturdy
  • It’s easy to level a bed


  • Assembling is required
  • A bed without a heater

4. ALUNAR I3 (Best For DIY And Educational Use)


An entirely new printer is created by cloning the Prusa i3’s brains into an entirely new printer.

A DIYer and a teacher are likely to find this printer on their desks. Why? You will learn a great deal about 3D printing with this barebones 3D printer.

Simply learning how 3D printers work gives you excellent knowledge about them. When you work with this printer, you must be patient and passionate. You will become a true expert in its use. You will learn a lot about 3D printing from the ALUNAR i3 if you put in the time.

Typical print speeds for this price range are 120 mm/s.

If you’re unfamiliar, Repetier is the gritty slicer you can use to learn a lot about preparing files for printing.

Volume and resolution of the prints are both fine.

This clone of the Prusa i3 offers good reliability and print quality because it closely resembles the Prusa i3.

Not everyone will like this printer. It gives you a deeper understanding of 3D printing and teaches you a lot of hard lessons.


  • What is the best 3D printer to learn about 3D printing?
  • It is accurate and reliable
  • Printed pages are fast
  • Software used to slice Repetier-Host
  • Colors are available


  • Assembled and troubleshooted with difficulty

5. XYZPrinting Da Vinci MiniMaker (Best Price)

XYZPrinting Da Vinci MiniMaker

You are not looking at a Happy Meal toy, but a 3D printing device.

Designed for kids, this printer can also be enjoyed by adults.

A great first impression is the price. Although it’s the cheapest on this list, the features remain the same.

Due to this printer being intended for kids, it’s easy to use. If you can look past its aesthetic, you will find loads of reasons to love this bounce house.

The fully enclosed design means that the temperature will remain consistent. As a result, you can expect higher print quality and higher reliability.

Although the instruction manual is lacking, the setup is quick and easy.

A leveling plate is also included in the da Vinci miniMaker! This feature is not included in most printers over $500.

Here are some negatives. Only XYZPrinting filament can be used for this printer. You won’t be attracted by the build volume as well.

You will be impressed by the printer’s performance. In spite of its low cost, the printer has great accuracy, good resolution, and great detail.

This printer is even better for adults since it was created for kids. The printer is safe, easy to use, and reliable and can print a wide variety of sizes. This 3D printer is suitable for both kids and adults.

From the printers on this list, the XYZPrinting da Vinci miniMaker is the most affordable and worth buying. The printer generally costs less than $150, and it produces exceptional results for its price.


  • User-friendly
  • Automated print bed leveling
  • Completely enclosed
  • Price comparison
  • It’s a great performance


  • XYZPrinting filaments are the only filaments used
  • Unattractive to some people due to its visual appearance

6. Geeetech I3 Pro W (Best Performance)

Geeetech I3 Pro W

An affordable clone of the Prusa i3, the Geeetech i3 Pro W is an excellent option for anyone who loves to print.

Having been constructed from such a strong performer, the Pro W is also capable of delivering.

A wooden frame was fitted with the motors and brains from the i3. Sure, the wood isn’t beautiful or feels comfortable, but it still functions very well.

Before you start the printer, remember that it needs to be assembled. Putting it together, calibrating, and setting it up should take about three hours.

The Pro W prints without a hitch almost every time it is turned on. With great reliability and performance, Geeetech’s printer is under $200, because it uses wood and sells it as a kit.

There is no difference in resolution between this printer and other printers within this price range. It has a respectable build volume.

In addition to the printer itself, the Pro W comes with filament to get you started.

This list includes the Geeetech i3 Pro Was the best performing product.


  • We are satisfied with the quality
  • It is reliable and performs well
  • There are a lot of builds
  • Features a filament spool


  • It needs to be assembled
  • Wooden frames are unattractive
  • This is a very slow speed

What To Expect From A Budget 3D Printer?

Imagine that for a moment. The idea of 3D printing was unheard of decades ago. The medical equipment cost thousands of dollars a few years ago and was a huge investment. Nowadays we can buy quality printers for well under $200!

Printing is not the Ferrari or Porsche of business.These printers are all familiar brands, but they won’t surprise you. The difference is their price range. Think of these printers as Honda Civics.

A comprehensive research project was conducted to ensure that there are no lemons in the list. It will be easy to find printers that are affordable and provide decent performance and quality.

Printers over $500 have at least one selling point comparable to those of most of the printers.

Remember that these printers are intentionally cheap. This implies a lack of focus and something that needs attention.

The user experience and craftsmanship are poor for some printers that offer a great build volume. Despite their simplicity, some printers have a limited build volume and poor accuracy.

If you’re considering budget printers, you have to make a trade-off. Fortunately, most people are aware of this.

Positively, none of the printers on this list is going to let you down or waste your money. Even with the high price tags, every one of them is impressive.

Things To Consider when Buying Best 3D Printers Under $200

There are multiple selling points for these printers, as mentioned earlier. It’s imperative that you decide on the printer’s focus before you buy it.

Build Volume

In this regard, these printers are notable.

Each printer measures between 120mm and 250mm in size, which is very noticeable.

A smaller build volume can be sufficient if you don’t intend to print large items. However, if you need to create items of great size, this is a feature you shouldn’t ignore.


The printers on this list all cost under $200. However, a difference of just $20 can make all the difference to the printer you choose.

Could a $145 payment check all of your boxes, or would you be willing to shell out $200 for some extra options?

Our best 3D printer under $300 review may be of interest if you have a bit more to spend.


Reliable printers will ensure that your printer works whenever you turn it on.

Below are a few surprising choices for budget printers with exceptionally high reliability.

Ease Of Use

Last but not least, think about how easy it is to use the printer.

You should be able to get the easiest printer fully assembled, with an intuitive user interface (UI) and a strong community that makes it easy to troubleshoot.

Others are designed to be challenging so that you learn valuable information about the 3D printing process.


It is not easy to choose a budget printer. Most printers are cheap and nearly useless, so their prices are low.

These printers will work great if you stick with them.

When choosing a printer, consider your needs. Everyone on this list can find a printer that will meet their needs.

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