The Best 3D Printers Under 300 In 2022_ Product Reviews & Buyer Guide

3D printers have long been on your wish list, but the outrageous prices make your eyes roll. 

There aren’t any affordable 3D printers that actually perform well, but you’re eager to get started making cool stuff. Could I get one by kidnapping someone and demanding a ransom?

No one should be kidnapped! 

This article describes a legal method for getting 3D printers for a very low price. 

Best 3D Printers Under 300

We reviewed the best budget 3D printers under $300, including resin printers, delta printers, and standard FDM printers. If you don’t understand the 3D printing terminology, we’ll explain it in more detail later. 

It’s time to get started!

#1 Creality Ender 3 Pro (Best Overall)

Creality Ender 3 Pro

There’s no shortage of cool features on this 3D printer. Besides being affordable and user-friendly, it produces high-quality prints. This device has everything you need.

Although affordable, Ender 3 produces prints that rival those produced by 3D printers three times as expensive.

To adjust the settings, you’ll need to fiddle with them.Having said that, using a printer is very easy and straightforward once the hardware and software settings are dialed in.

The magnetic print bed, which can be easily removed after 3D printing, is one thing we like. You can also remove prints from this bed without causing damage (just make sure you let the prints cool off before you take them off).

You can also get an open-source software application for the Ender 3 Pro (great for those who like to be nerdy) that allows you to do more complex and intricate printing. Additionally, this little machine can be upgraded to become a beast by adding performance mods and quality of life upgrades.

Its low profile allows it to be placed anywhere on your desk.

Setting up the Ender can be difficult for someone who hates installing or building stuff. Mechanically disinclined people may find assembling the pieces challenging.Among the best budget 3D printers under $300, the Creality Ender 3 is one of the best, and we recommend it to all users, beginners as well as experts.


  • The price was incredible for what you got
  • Quite popular – large community
  • Beginners can easily operate the printer
  • Flexible printing bed makes it easy to remove prints


  • Easy to assemble but can be challenging to assemble
  • A level bed is a difficult task

#2 Sovol SV01 (Runner-Up)

In comparison to the Ender Pro 3, the Sovol is less well-known. Do not be fooled, however. There are many ways in which the SV01 is superior to the Ender 3.

280 x 240 x 300 mm provides a large build volume for large prints. The Ender has a smaller build volume than this.

Almost all of the parts are pre-installed on the 3D printer. It’s a great feature for beginners because they can get up and running in no time. The Sovol is a good option for those afraid of the Ender 3 setup.

Ender’s Bowden boasts a direct-drive extruder, whereas Sovol adds a direct drive extruder to the mix. The system can be used for filaments with flexibility and abrasion, like TPU. It can also be driven without excessive stringing. This extruder, however, has the downside of taking longer to print. 

In addition to allowing better adhesion and removal during operation, the glass bed of the SV01 ensures that the process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Those with sensitive spouses may want to reconsider this one if they throw dishes at you at the speed of light in the face of sound. As a result of its loud fans, the Sovol is quite noisy. In order not to damage any relationships, we are issuing a warning.

We thoroughly recommend this game if you can dodge flying plates like Neo did or if you are fascinated with the Sovol.


  • Setup is easy
  • It is possible to print large prints due to the large printing volume
  • Glass bed provides good adhesion
  • There is an excellent support group on Facebook


  • The ENDER Pro levels more accurately than the Ender, but it still requires more effort
  • It can be annoyance to have fans that make too much noise

#3 Anycubic Mega S (Fastest)

Anycubic I3 Mega S​_IMG_1

Observing a 3D printer work feels like watching paint dry, doesn’t it? If you’d like to get the fastest cartesian 3D printer from this list, you should check out the Anycubic Mega S. This printer is also fantastic for producing bulk prints.

Beginners will find it easy to learn how to use this machine. A stable structure prevents the Mega S from shaking and causing it to move. Good, flawless prints are produced this way. 

Likewise, the Sovol’s ultrabase coating makes it possible to stick parts to its bed surface easily, and to remove them once it cools. It produces quality prints thanks to the extruder.

Despite the Mega S’s volume, it is not as large as the Ender or Sovol. If you want bigger prints, do not purchase it.

The Mega S is a super affordable 3D printer that will make printing your prints a snap if impatience is an issue.


  • For the price, the quality is excellent
  • Easy to set up; suitable for beginners
  • Heat is provided by the Ultrabase heated bed


  • Built-in volume is smaller
  • Unusual noise

#4 Anycubic Photon S (Best Resin 3D Printer)

Anycubic Photon S

Looking for a resin/SLA 3D printer that costs less than $300? It was made specifically for you, the Anycubic Photon S 3D printer. 

A resin-based 3D printer offers better prints than a standard FDM 3D printer. Photon S can also be bought for an incredibly low price. 

Anycubic’s UV light matrix system and an incredible LCD screen with 2K resolution make it stand out amongst other UV lights. These two technologies combine to produce exceptional prints. Additionally, 3D printing is faster than on a traditional FDM printer. The setup and use of this software are very easy. 

However, this resin 3D printer is quite affordable, though the resin itself is almost 10 times more expensive than standard filament. In addition to its limited color options, resin-based 3D printers have a small selection of filaments compared to other FDM options. The Photon S comes with a filter, but we still noticed a smell in the immediate vicinity, despite the filter. Using the resin in the correct manner remains our recommendation.

It’s still one of the best resin budget 3D printers under 300. Buying directly from the Anycubic site will save you over $100 if you do decide to buy one.


  • Detail-oriented prints
  • Even beginners can easily understand and use the printing process
  • The fastest way to print
  • Excellent customer service
  • Price/quality is excellent


  • It is important to handle resin materials with care since they are toxic
  • Resin has a consistency

#5 Tronxy XY-2

Among the best 3D printers for beginners, it is the Tronxy XY-2. Installing and setting it up is not difficult (takes 15-30 minutes) and using it is very easy.

Easy-to-use, intuitive touchscreen controls are available on the XY-2. Are you familiar with using a computer? This device should not pose any problems for you. 

255 x 255 x 260 mm is a large print volume, and allows you to print large parts. Compared to the Ender and Sovol, this print volume is slightly larger.

Tronxy XY-2’s automatic bed leveling features is another fantastic feature. The bed’s level is determined by measuring 26 points on the bed, in order to ensure that it’s level. If the interface does not show this, it shows which knob to use to level the bed. With the Creality Ender 3 Pro and the Sovol SV01, the whole process is much easier than manual leveling.

The 3D printer has some drawbacks. Perhaps you should adopt another printer if you would like one that is quiet. 

Moreover, the quality of prints made by this 3D printer is not great (there are many better 3D printers in this list). It’s difficult to remove prints if the surface isn’t good.


  • Setup is simple
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can print larger models with the large build size
  • It is time-saving to have an automatic bed level


  • Those are some loud sounds. Don’t listen to this in bed
  • You may have trouble removing your prints if your print surface isn’t good
  • There isn’t much difference in print quality

#6 ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro (Best For Miniatures)

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

A surprising low-cost, high-quality 3D printer, the Mars 2 Pro produces amazing figures for a ridiculously low price.

Fine details are printed by the Mars 2. In contrast to Tronxy’s 0.1 mm resolution, the XY-axis resolution measures 0.05 mm, and the Z-axis resolution measures 0.00125 mm. 

With the Mars 2, you can breathe a sigh of relief if your ears have ached from machines such as the Tronxy and the Sovol. This little machine doesn’t whine and it just does its job.

It worked with a layer curing time of 6 seconds in the previous Mars 2 Pro iteration (Mars Pro). With the Mars 2, however, you will have a curing time between 1-2 seconds. The Mars 2 prints extremely fast. A monochrome LCD allows for greater levels of UV light due to its black-and-white composition. Furthermore, LCDs last almost ten times longer than Mars LCDs.

Compared to the Mars Pro, the Mars 2 Pro comes with a much improved build plate which is great since it changes the entire printing experience.

Inhaling or touching resin-based printers presents a danger because of the explosive odors. Lung irritation may result. These resins can cause allergic reactions in humans if they are long-term contacted with the skin. Thanks to its built-in carbon filter, the Mars 2 Pro gets rid of any volatile odor.

If you like comic book characters, tabletop gaming, or superheroes, this resin 3D printer is for you. You can create various characters and miniatures in the comfort of your own home.


  • Detail-oriented prints of high quality
  • Filter contains carbon that eliminates unpleasant odors
  • A cured resin has a hardness nearly equal to that of a safety helmet


  • Lack of protective glass makes LCDs susceptible to scratching
  • Plastic filament is safer than resin

#7 FLSUN Q5 (Best Delta 3D Printer)


The speed of printing Delta 3D printers is well known. FDM 3D printers are less fast. Look at the Delta printers in action. 

There is a reason why people like watching the Delta 3D printer in action. Technology becomes more real while watching this.

There are several things to note about the FLSUN Q5. First, it has a solid construction. There is no doubt that it is one of the best budget 3D printers under $300, with sturdy build quality helping it stay stable when printing at high speeds.

Installation is a breeze, and the whole process takes about 30 minutes. Once the printer is installed, you’ll need to attach a few screws and cables.

Every 3D printer has its own flaws, and this one is no different.

This means that you can’t make large prints since the build volume is quite small (200x200x200). This one has the smallest build volume in comparison to the others.

Despite its inferior print quality to the Ender 3 Pro, the Ender 3’s color printing is still excellent. Additionally, it is both faster and less expensive than the Ender 3 Pro.

Additionally, it’s a loud sound, with the volume at about 50 decibels, which is the volume of two people talking in the same room. Take that into consideration.

In terms of delta 3D printers, however, the FLSUN Q5 currently ranks as one of the best under $300.


  • This printer is fast, just like the Road Runner
  • Watching this 3D printer showoff is a lot of fun
  • Simple to set up
  • Cheaper 


  • Loudly
  • Volume of builds is low

#8 Geeetech A10M (Best Dual Extruder / Multicolor 3D Printer)

Has the cost put you off purchases of dual extruders? Would you like some color to break up the monotony of monochromatic prints? It is difficult to beat the Geeetech A10M (see, another strange name) when it comes to multi-color 3D printing under $300.

A dual-extruder 3D printer has several advantages over one with a single extruder.

It is possible to change printing materials at will. Single extruders cannot make this possible. 

As a second benefit, you can create truly unique pieces on the Geeetech A10M that are not possible with a different printer. You can create a model that is both compact and flexible. A horse with flowing hair and a robust, compact face is an example of a well-designed horse. 

In addition to the ability to print soluble supports, the Geeetech A10M also allows you to easily remove them. In single extruder printers, supports can cause marks on the print surface when they are removed. For the print to appear smooth, without blemishes, these marks must be removed through post-processing. 

You can dissolve these supports in 60°C water to easily remove them. The supports won’t be visible later, it is quite miraculous. 

With the A10M, you can print your model in any color you want. To make yellow, for example, it is necessary to mix red and white at certain ratios. Thus, a lot of colors can be created with just 2 different filaments.

There’s something bad about this printer, however: the dual-extrusion machine has a steep learning curve, meaning you’ll need time to explore its full potential. 

Also, since you require two filaments, your expenditures will go up. If you’re not prepared to handle the 3D printer, you’re wasting your money. 


  • The dual extruder gives you a wider variety of prints
  • High quality printing
  • Multi-color printing is possible


  • More difficult to learn than other models

Buyer’s Guide:

In order to help you make the right buying decision in the market of 3D printing, here are some explanations of terms associated with the technology.

FDM vs SLA (Resin) 

Essentially, FDM stands for consolidated deposition modelling. 3D printing is created using heated filaments (plastic) that are deposited layer by layer. 

Stereolithography apparatus is also known as SLA. Layers of liquid resin are applied on top of one another and harden when exposed to UV light or focused laser light. 

Print Bed

A print bed is used to construct prints. It is usually made of aluminum or glass. 

It heats up faster, but it can warp more easily. It takes longer for glass beds to heat, though. Clean, flat (helping to improve print quality), and you can print on them with a smooth shiny surface.

Build Volume

You can make larger prints with a larger build volume. Larger printers also result in larger prints. When choosing a printer with a larger volume, always ensure you have enough table space.


To make a 3D print, the filament is released by the extruder, which is a part of the FDM 3D printer. Bowden extruders or direct drive extruders can be used. 

Furthermore, dual-extruders 3D print with two filaments, not one. Dual extruders offer advantages such as printing support materials, printing in various colors, and printing similar small parts at the same time. 

Filament types

In this article, we probably mentioned a variety of filament types. Let’s discuss them briefly.

  • A typical 3D printing material is ABS filament. It is flexible, durable, and impact-resistant. 
  • Corn-starch and sugar cane are used to make PLA filament. This filament is one of the safest filaments available. 
  • Plastic that is elastic is thermoplastic polyurethane. Polyurethane has high flexibility and longevity. It is ideal for developing flexible products.
  • In plastic bottles, PETG is commonly used as a variant of PET. Some people prefer these plastics since they don’t release smells during printing and can be recycled. 
  • Photopolymers – These are liquid polymers that harden when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. ABS and Photopolymers are similar.


Which 3D printer should you choose under $300?

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro action figures are a great option for the nerdy among you.

An Ender 3 Pro is the best 3D printer for those on a budget.

Sovol SV01 3D printers are a great option for those who don’t want something mainstream but want something highly effective nonetheless. 

If you’re looking for a cheap resin/3D printer that can print SLA and resin, the Anycubic Photon S is the best option.

With the Mega S, even newcomers to 3D printing will feel at home.

Also, if you prefer colorful prints, we recommend the Geeetech A10M 3D printer.

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