The Best Color Printers for Homeschool

All classrooms should have a printer . Handouts and worksheets are produced using this tool. It is a must for teachers to have a reliable printer, as they use it almost daily.

The market, however, is flooded with options. Here are some tips on comparing specs and features if you hate looking them up. You needn’t worry about finding the right printer because I’ve already done the hard work for you! 

Let’s look at the reviews first! We’ll then discuss what makes a printer appropriate for printing by teachers.

The Best Color Printer for Teachers: My Reviews

It’s time for me to share my reviews of the top printers for teachers. We have the best printers for both home and school, so no matter what you need, you can find the right one here.

  1. A portable, all-in-one HP printer called the OfficeJet 250
  2. Colour Imaging Class MF741Cdw Canon
  3. A compact all-in-one printer from HP
  4. Inkjet Multifunction Printer MFC-J497DW by Brother
  5. This Canon all-in-one photo printer provides a laser scanner and a copier for wireless connectivity
  6. Printer HP ENVY Photo 7855: All-in-one photo printer

HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer

(Image credit: HP)

Any teacher would benefit greatly from the HP OfficeJet 250. Designed for scanning, faxing, printing, and faxing, this versatile device covers all your needs.

Having a compact printer in the classroom will not require a lot of space. You can print it at home if necessary. It’s small enough to take home and print. 

Homeschooling families with limited space will also benefit from its size.

You can access your printer from anywhere in your school because it is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. There is no need to connect your laptop to this printer, so it is very easy to use. A fantastic convenience! 

High-resolution printing gives you clean, crystal clear results from the OfficeJet 250. Consequently, your worksheets will have a great look, since the image quality is excellent.

In addition to printing on a variety of media, as well as cardstock, it can also be used for large-format printing. The versatile nature of this material makes it suitable for a wide range of arts and crafts projects! 

It supports high-yield cartridges, which is its biggest benefit. Such cartridges yield a reasonable amount of pages.

Plus, it’s a budget-friendly option.

  • Multifunctional printer that is small and easy to use
  • Cartridges expire over a long period of time
  • Laser printers require more ink than toner

Canon Color ImageClass MF741Cdw

(Image credit: Canon)

The Canon Color ImageClass printer is another great choice for heavy-duty printing. 

This printing solution is perfect for small businesses that print a lot every day.

Any teacher who is used to printing reams of paper will find it a convenient choice. 

In addition to being durable and hardwearing, the material is also extremely fast.

 With the ImageClass, you’ll be able to speed through class preparation by printing 28 pages per minute. With the ImageClass, you’ll also be able to eliminate wait times!

On the whole, laser printers are often more cost-effective. Even though the printer is not inexpensive, the cost should be comparable to inkjet cartridges.

2,000 pages are printed on each toner cartridge. You won’t have to keep replacing toner cartridges.

A bulky printer will take up a lot of space, however. Since it measures 18x18x18 inches, it cannot be tucked away easily. 

Having this printer in the classroom requires a dedicated space. There are no portable laser scanners available. 

For teachers looking to reduce their color printing costs, the Canon ImageClass is an ideal solution. With its capacity to print on both cardstock and paper, it is the best color laser printer currently available.

  • Suitable for long-term use and can be very cost-effective
  • Printing that is fast and powerful
  • Classroom space is taken up by this large, heavy machine

HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One Compact Printer

(Image credit: HP)

It is well worth your consideration to consider HP’s sleek, compact printer. The portable device is light and portable, so you can easily move it around in your classroom.

On this device, you can print, copy, scan, and fax documents.

Additionally, it is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. You can set it up in no time.

WiFi is available on smartphones and tablets. Any device can be used to print with this capability.

You can even get one year of warranty with it. You will never again run out of ink with HP Instant Ink.

When it comes to large print jobs, the Deskjet 2622 deserves special attention. Only 25 sheets can be accommodated in the output tray.

However, this printer produces only 5.5 pages per minute. This is still a great printer if you’re on a budget and need a compact color printer.

  • Easy and straightforward setup: smooth user experience
  • The ability to print anywhere thanks to great connectivity
  • There are fewer hands-off options and it isn’t as fast 

Brother MFC-J497DW Inkjet Multifunction Printer

(Image credit: Brother)

Here’s a multifunction printer you’ll like if you want something more advanced. High quality and reliable printers are a hallmark of the Brother brand.

No model differs from this one. Your printing and copying needs are met with this multifunction printer. You can even share documents online with cloud apps.

It produces excellent print quality due to its 1200 x 6000 resolution. Furthermore, you can reduce waiting time with its quick printing capabilities. You can also print both sides with its automatic duplex printing option.

Printing hands-free up to 100 sheets is possible with a large output tray.

Although it has all these features, it does not take up much space. There are 13.4 x 15.7 x 6.8 inches of space in its dimensions, which means it can fit easily in any room.

With this Brother printer, you can save lots of time and have a stress-free printing experience. 

  • Double-sided printing is among the excellent features
  • Fast printing speed and high-quality images
  • There is no way to use the cardstock 

Canon TS8220 Wireless All in One Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

(Image credit: Canon)

Teachers will find the Canon TS8220 to be an excellent printer. It’s a sleek, compact device that has all the features you need.

With fast printing and user-friendly options, it checks all the right boxes. 

A laptop, phone, or memory card can all be used to print.  The Canon Print App lets you connect wirelessly to your device in just a few seconds.

You can easily operate it using the 4.3-inch touchscreen. It is simple to select the appropriate format and options.

A total of six different cartridges are required for this printer.

Sharp and crystal clear print quality is evident. With its duplex printing feature you can produce documents that are double-sided and thus more efficient.

  • Easy-to-use compact all-in-one printer
  • Besides black and white prints, you can also print color photos
  • There is a very small paper tray

HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer

(Image credit: HP)

Students need class handouts, worksheets, and documents to complete. Photographs may also be needed sometimes. HP’s Envy Photo Printer would be the perfect choice for you.

The option of printing your photos is nice even if you don’t print them often. This printer can also copy, scan, and fax in addition to printing. This makes it suitable for use in any classroom.

There is no feature that this printer lacks. The features include a color touchscreen, a separate photo tray, and an auto document feeder.

The ability to wirelessly print from any location makes it easy to set up and use. You don’t need to hover over your printer for it to work correctly. A simple button press is all you need. 

The printer has a decent print speed of 15ppm, and high-yield cartridges save time and money.

Photo printers are known for their outstanding image quality. It is also an affordable option since each photo costs less than five cents.

Printing regular documents and photos with this printer is easy and convenient for anyone. 

  • Images and photos in high resolution can be printed
  • Offering a variety of useful features
  • The item is quite large and heavy

How to Choose the Best Printer for Teachers: Buying Guide

During the course of the school year, you’ll have to print large quantities of paper. To ensure that the children can enjoy them, they should also be made in black and white, as well as color.

Choosing a printer requires consideration of the following factors. Check these features before buying:

Low-Cost Printing

Teaching comes with a budget, of course. No matter who pays for the printer and ink, you should keep costs down.

The type and price of the ink the printer requires should be checked. You can save a lot of money by using generic ink cartridges instead of brand names!

High-Volume Printing

Following that, you’re going to need a printer that can handle heavy-duty printing. To find out if each model can meet your needs, find out how much it prints per month.

Fast Printing

Fastness is just as important as reliability when it comes to a printer! It is important not to let your class slip out of your control while you wait for the printer.

Your time is valuable as a teacher – I know how hectic your schedule is! You can check how many pages a printer can print in a minute by clicking here. Look for the print per minute or ppm label.

You’ll save some time if you boost the speed!


Separate devices require more room than multifunction printers. They are therefore ideal for classroom use.

An ideal printer should also have scanning, faxing, and copying capabilities. In addition to reducing clutter, using these features will increase efficiency. It will still cost less than buying multiple devices.


The ease of use of a printer is affected by its connectivity. Does your printer have a wireless or Bluetooth connection? Will your smartphone work with your printer?

The user experience will be made simpler and more straightforward with these features. With just a click of the button, you’ll be able to print anything you need, and there will be no tricky software to install.

Extra Features

Perhaps your printer has other requirements as well. Does cardstock need to be printed for art and display? 

Then, you’ll have to find the ideal printer for cardstock, too. Below are some suggestions you might find helpful!

The Wrap Up 

The guide to the best color printers for teachers concludes here. Whatever the setting you teach in, you should be able to find some excellent options above.

During my search for a classroom printer, I considered all the essential features. I found them to be very impressive! The printers are affordable, multifunctional, and capable of handling your most the hefty jobs.

You can choose from an extensive list of options compiled by me. Click here to order your new classroom printer and find out more. 

Having a quality, reliable model will make your life so much easier. Your focus can be on what you do best when you keep up with technology.

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