Best PLA Filaments Brands In 2022

Trying to find the best PLA filaments brands? PLA is sold by a large number of companies. Some, however, are not worth purchasing from.  In general, the products offered by these companies are of poor quality. 

 Without this, you may have the chance of getting low-quality adulterated PLA, which at best will result in shoddy prints and at worst may damage your nozzle.

The difference between buying an Apple iPhone and an Apple iPone can come down to which PLA filament is of the highest quality.

If your business fails (because people don’t like your prints) it could be because of a lack of quality prints. 

Prints that last longer are more durable than prints that fall apart easily. 

Best PLA Filaments At A Glance

You should now understand the importance of what we’re talking about. 

You can make the right choice with the following list of the best PLA filaments. Among many other parameters, we tested their quality, strength and aesthetics. Find out which brands of PLA filament are the best below. 

1. Hatchbox PLA Filament (Best Overall)

Hatchbox - overall best pla filament brands

This vivid-looking PLA filament, Hatchbox PLA , is exactly that kind of material. Customers on Amazon have been raving about it. That goes for us too. 

It is the most popular filament for 3D printing due to numerous reasons. PLA filament is best in terms of all the reasons mentioned here.

It’s flexible and strong, so it makes good prints. Our test models did not exhibit stringing. It also produced glossy finishes.

During the printing process, we observed no warping, so we determined that the adhesion between the layers was excellent. We had no problem sticking prints to the bed.

I’m smelling it now. Stunning! That PLA filament smells amazing. We thought it smelled like pancakes. Do not eat anything while using this filament.

When the temperature in the nozzle is between 180°C and 220°C, the PLA filament functions well.

PLAs are a colorful family at Hatchbox. A variety of colors are available, including yellow, blue, white, and black. However, Hatchbox seems indifferent to customers. The support staff is difficult to reach and the website is poorly designed. 

As a result, we wholeheartedly recommend Hatchbox. Such an affordable PLA filament is excellent.


  • Produces vibrant and uniform prints
  • Warping of prints is not an issue on beds
  • I love the smell
  • Budget-friendly
  • Varieties of colors


  • Hatchback does not provide support

2. Sunlu PLA Filament (Best Value)

Sunlu - top value best pla filament brands

What is the best way to pack filament? For Best Packing, Sunlu PLA wins the nonexistent PLA filament award! 

It was just the packaging that we loved. Despite its neat winding, it is completely tangle-free. Basically, you can do whatever else you like, such as watching TV, cooking, or bungee jumping. Prints will not fail midway if tangles are present.

There are many layers that merge seamlessly into each other, making them nearly invisible to the naked eye. Printing mechanical parts like gears is easy with its exceptional print quality. 

It is also unlikely that the nozzle will get clogged up with PLA filament, as it flows smoothly from the extruder. 

In order to achieve ideal quality during 3D printing, the nozzle temperature should be kept at or above 220°C. However, stay away from high temperatures, they give off a lot of fumes. The printer doesn’t need you to stay in the room to print, right? 

Pros and beginners alike use Sunlu PLA filament. This polylactic acid filament is the most affordable filament for 3D printing and gets the job done.


  • Packaging of the highest quality
  • Shiny, smooth surface for printing
  • A strong bond


  • A high nozzle temperature causes excessive fumes

3. Polymaker Polymax PLA Filament (Strongest)

Polymaker - strongest pla filament brands

Plastic filament for 3D printers is tougher than any other PLA filament on the market. The meanie is not afraid of you, but be careful.

PLA is tough, and Polymax is no exception. It makes for very sturdy prints. The final prints were tested for impact multiple times. No damage was done. In comparison to standard PLA available on the market, it has a high impact resistance. Furthermore, it is 20% stronger than ABS. 

It is easy for the PLA filament to stick to the bed platform. All the pieces we tested did not warp. 

It is a pleasure to print with Polymax PLA. The results are beautiful. Injection-molded models appear seamless, with no evidence of individual layers. They appear fully fused to one another. Furthermore, they touch easily and appear smooth.

It is literally free to print the final copy. The final copies look exceptionally well done.

Those of you who want their prints to be strong should opt for Polymaker’s Polymax PLA filament. 


  • Among the toughest PLAs
  • Surfaces that are smooth
  • No layers are visible on the part as it appears fully fused
  • Warp-free


  • Costly

4. Makerbot PLA Filament (Highest Quality)

Makerbot - highest quality best pla filament brands

Is PLA the only plastic you’ve ever used? Have you looked for the best PLA filament available? If so, Makerbot PLA is a great choice. 

PLA filament from MakerBot has excellent mechanical properties. Its tensile strength and elasticity are higher than standard PLAs. Printed objects are less prone to breaking. You can make fixtures and jigs that will last for years using this method. 

MakerBot’s price is justified. 30 hours of printing are in the spool of a MakerBot. This eliminates the need to continuously purchase less expensive filament spools.

When MadeBot PLA filament is 3D printed, it does not warp. As a result, this 3D printer filament will produce high quality prints.  

Pla filament does have a slight odor, but it is not too strong. Makerbot PLA is a great filament choice if you are tired of low quality filaments.


  • PLAs of the highest quality
  • A great deal of mechanical strength
  • The product does not warp


  • It is costly
  • An unpleasant smell can be detected

5. Proto Pasta PLA Filament (Best For Tight Toleranes)

Proto pasta - reliable best pla filament brands

What kind of finish do you prefer for your prints? Matte or glossy? If glossy is more your style, then Proto Pasta PLA filament is for you.

Heat is not a problem for PLA filament. PLA does not deform at high temperatures (normal PLA deforms at high temperatures). 

Proto Pasta adheres well to the surface. You can also use it without heating the platform. As a result of its carbon fibers, it is rigid. Obviously, the more rigid the object is, the less flexible it will be. The Proto-Pasta is a versatile tool that can be used to create a variety of frames, tools, or supports.

Clean and sharp surfaces are characteristic of proto Pasta prints. Each detail is perfect without any imperfections

PLA filament must be inserted carefully into the filament guide. PLA filament is fragile so handling it needs to be done carefully. 

The Proto Pasta PLA filament is abrasive, so it can damage the nozzle when used frequently. To work with these parts, you will need a nozzle of at least stainless steel, and not a brass one. 

Designed to produce high-quality 3D printed parts, Proto Pasta filament is extremely high-quality PLA. This quality does come at a price. Oh well. The quality is still excellent.


  • Strong and stiff prints are produced
  • High temperature resistance
  • Detail and clarity are evident in the visual
  • Texture: matte


  • A costly affair
  • When used extensively, low-quality nozzles can be damaged

6. Ultimaker PLA Filament (Most Aesthetically Pleasing)

Ultimaker - best looking pla filament brands

Are you a show-off according to your personality test? Would you like to display your printed wares to your family and friends, or are you a print-hibitionist? Consider getting the Ultimaker PLA.

Ultimaker filament produces prints with a great finish. Models produced with this filament produce a consistently smooth surface and show great detail. 

They have amazing tolerances in the Ultimaker filament spools. Taking this into consideration is a priority of the manufacturer. By doing so, irregular diameters lessen the likelihood of the 3D printing machine jamming.

Filament for 3D printers does not have an odor. It is a safe alternative for those seeking a replacement for PLAs that emit a musky odor.

In comparison to Colorfabb and Polymaker PLA, Ultramaker PLA filaments are strong. Take care though, support removal can be difficult from these prints. A knife may be needed for the job.

Despite the high cost of Colorfabb’s PLA, Ultimaker PLA isn’t as good as Colorfabb’s (though they are comparable in quality). The PLA from Colorfabb is more durable and comes in a wide range of colors. Ultimately it is the visually appealing prints produced by Ultimaker filament that make it stand out from its competition.


  • Prints that are crisp and smooth
  • Effortless
  • Tolerances beyond belief


  • There may be difficulties in removing supports
  • ColorFabb is better than this

7. MatterHacker’s Build PLA 

MatterHackers - #7 best pla filament brands

What would you like that is cheap but has all the benefits? We had great results generally with the filament we tested for the 3D printer. Details were sharp and prints were smooth. Prints came out glossy. PLA support didn’t leave a trace when you peeled it off. Unfortunately, the stringing was pretty excessive in our opinion.

Overall, it appears as though the layers adhere well and the prints are strong and sturdy.

With the exception of the stringing issue, printing with MatterHacker PLA filament was smooth and enjoyable. Recommended.


  • Surface with a gloss and a sharp edge
  • A support can be easily removed
  • Adhesion between layers


  • Stringing too much

8. Colorfabb PHA/PLA Filament (Easiest To Print)

Colorfabb #8 best pla filament brands

Next on our list is Colorfabb PHA/PLA, which we recommend for PLA filaments that are tough. Like the Polymax PLA filament, it is also high-quality.

Strength comes from PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates), which is a component of this filament. Polyesters, such as PHA, can enhance the strength and hardness of Colorfabb PLA, making it more durable than conventional PLA sheets in the market. 

The Colorfabb ranks high on the list of PLAs that are easy to print, in addition to its strength. No nozzle clogs or jams with this PLA.

No stringing appears in the print finishes. Matrix finishes feel smooth to the touch and comfortable.

Layers are tightly bonded to each other with excellent adhesion, just like Polymaker PLA. Furthermore, the printed part does not warp. Polymax and Colorfabb are very similar in many ways. 

Colorfabb PLA 3D printer filament, despite all its wonderful qualities, is quite expensive. Nevertheless, it is worth every penny, just as with the Polymaker PLA.


  • It is difficult to print on PLA
  • Print easily
  • No strings, smooth finish
  • There is nothing like looking at models (just print them, don’t think of anything else)


  • Costly


In terms of PLA filament, what is the best brand?

PLA filament should be purchased from Hatchbox PLA. 

Various PLA filament brands are available on the market today, and low-quality products are readily available. Some PLA sheets are sold at outrageous prices, scamming you along the way.

Our team has carefully reviewed and screened the PLA filaments in this article. These might be the best of the best, so they are expensive. 

Of all the brands we selected, Hatchbox made the best PLA filament. Many satisfied customers have used it all over the world, and not only us. Look on Amazon to see how many satisfied customers it has. Customers give it five stars in 85% of reviews. 

Their printing process is smooth and they don’t cause any issues. They deliver good quality. They offer affordable spools. Stringing does not appear to be a problem, and the prints look very colorful and vibrant. Prints can’t be found anywhere else for less money. 

What are the advantages of PLA filaments?

Both beginners and experts can benefit from PLA filaments. When it comes to most home 3D printers, PLA filaments are better suited than ABS for use with them. PLA filaments are easier to print with.

Is it because PLA filaments are so strong?

  • (I feel like a poet now that I think about it).
  • Typically, they emit pleasant odors rather than overpowering ones. As a result, they are best used indoors. You’ll be glad you did. 
  • In order to print PLA, you don’t need a bed heater. These printers have no problem printing on cold surfaces
  • Filaments made from these materials are extremely safe. There is no risk associated with touching or inhaling them. 
  • You will be glad to know that these products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable if protecting the environment is one of your values. Most of these products contain cornstarch.
  • The look of PLA prints is visually pleasing. Smooth surfaces and shiny surfaces are characteristics to look for. Ideal for arts and crafts and any toys.

Which PLA Filament Should I Use?

The properties of PLA filaments are numerous

Several PLA brands can be found on the market today, so look for any impurities. Most of these companies market their filaments as pure grade PLA, but they are low-quality filaments. Low-quality materials are usually mixed into PLAs. 

A blockage of the 3D printer’s nozzle due to the presence of these impurities can jam up its operation. Because of this, these impurities do not melt as easily as PLA.

  • A wrong PLA spool will have a different diameter, and will make printing difficult. It will be problematic to print if one part of the spool is wider than the other. Feed settings will need to be adjusted to compensate. Inconsistency in the prints may also result from varying diameters. 
  •  It may be troublesome to feed filament into a printer if they become tangled. Furthermore, you should not wind your filament too tightly, as this may result in breakage.
  • It’s not uncommon to notice a variation in color tone between different spools of filament if you buy filament from unauthorized manufacturers. A different shade of color is used for the print as it resumes.

It can seem unsightly to a hobbyist. Doesn’t it bother you when your artwork looks uneven in color? Would you not want to maintain the quality of your business if you keep your prints consistent in color?

What Is The Best PLA Filament?

We reviewed PLA brands in the article that did not compromise on quality. In the event that you are trying to find the best PLA filament, you can rest assured that you will have no trouble finding it on this page. 

We would, however, recommend the Hatchbox PLA if we were only able to suggest one recommendation. The prints are vibrant and strong, and the filament is affordable. The quality is excellent.

When you want the toughest PLA filament for 3D printers, Polymaker’s Polymax PLA filament is the best choice. 

Finally, if you want your 3D printer to produce the most aesthetically pleasing prints, choose Ultimaker PLA.

In addition to an Ender 3 v2’s filament runout sensor and power cut resume option, you’ll also find other useful features at this price point. A 220x220x250 mm build volume makes this printer difficult to fault.

It does, however, have faults. The filament was difficult to load into the Ender V2. We also had trouble loading the filament into the Ender 3. Moreover, the machine needs to be assembled.

But don’t be discouraged by the minor nitpick. This is a masterpiece.


  • Affordable prints that produce amazing results
  • Support community with a large population


  • It is annoying to have to load the filament
  • Plugins are not available


2. Prusa I3 MK3S

Prusa i3 MK3S

It’s expensive to own a 3D printer like the Prusa i3 MK3S . The printer delivers good quality for the price, though.

In spite of a challenging setup process, the beautifully detailed guide that comes with the printer walks you through it from beginning to end. 

Among the premium components shipped with the printer are a PEI coated magnetic steel spring heated bed and a custom E3D V6 hot end.

Both beginner and professional software are available. Using Prusa Control software for beginners will give you all the tools you need to build your prints. This mode, however, does not include vase printing. 

In addition to the Prusa3D Slic3r MK3, for more complex prints, advanced users should use the Prusa3D Slic3r MK3.

High-quality prints need to be produced by dampening vibrations during printing. Prints are made better when the printer’s aluminum frame stops shaking easily. 

The machine handles whatever you throw at it without breaking a sweat. The layer resolution is 0.05 mm, and the print quality is better than most other printers in the market. Take a magnifying glass or a microscope, you’d be hard pressed to find flaws in the prints. 

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