Best Printers for Printing on Cardstock in 2022

My previous experience as an artist is an understanding of how difficult it is to find printers capable of printing on cardstock. Standard paper will often not do.

You want your artwork to stand out. At home, you can print it on cardstock for the best results. so for me i prefer to work with the Best Printers for Printing on Cardstock.

Cards are often printed on cardstock, invitations, and photos. Business cards are also a popular choice.

But cardstock is typically heavier and thicker than normal printer paper. As well, it can absorb much more ink than normal printer paper. Consequently, you should shop for inkjet printers that are designed for cardstock paper specifically. 

If you don’t, it’s going to be messy. A regular printer can jam if you use cardstock. It might even cause the printer to break. 

You can print on cardstock if you have questions about it! Personally, I prefer printing on high-quality paper for my art designs. 

I spent countless hours researching heavy cardstock printers in order to find the best one. Learn how to print cardstock by reading on. 

My guide to selecting the right printer is available online. In addition, you will find my top card stock recommendations.

As an alternative, if you have limited time, I would recommend the Canon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Crafting Photo Printer. Crafters and artists will love the benefits this product offers!

Before buying a printer for cardstock, here are some things to know! 

The Top 3 Printers for Cardstock: Quick Comparison

Let’s summarise the three top printers that print on cardstocks for 2022 before we proceed with the reviews!

Product Image
Product NameCanon TS9521CAll-In-One Wireless Crafting Photo PrinterHP OfficeJet 3830All-in-One Wireless Printer with Mobile PrintingHP OfficeJet Pro 9015Print, scan, and copy with this all-in-one printer
Printing TechnologyInkjetInkjetInkjet
Printer OutputColorColorColor
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, USB, Ethernet, wireless, and BluetoothUSB; Wi-FiWi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

The Best Printers for Cardstock: My Reviews

  1. Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer
  2. Canon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Crafting Photo Printer
  3. HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer with Mobile Printing
  4. Epson SureColor P400 Wireless Color Photo Printer
  5. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer

(Image credit: Borther)

This printer allows you to print on cardstock at home. You won’t need to spend a lot of room on it as it’s compact. 

Meanwhile, it offers duplex printing, a state-of-the-art printer option. Both sides of the page can be printed at the same time.

You can print at home with ease and it’s inexpensive! With scanning and copying capabilities, this device is versatile.

In terms of image quality, it’s excellent. Bright colors, high resolution, and clear details are what you can expect from your prints.

Connecting to any device is effortless. Wireless connectivity is available to send documents to your printer, or you can use a USB cord to connect the printer to your computer. 

It also offers cloud connectivity, which is a bonus. Scanners can be connected directly with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Quality and reliability are hallmarks of the Brother brand. If you purchase this model, you’ll be able to make beautiful cardstock designs!

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: Brother
  • Printer Output: Color
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Copying and duplex printing are among the many features
  • The quality of the images is excellent
  • Printers like this aren’t very fast

Canon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Crafting Photo Printer

(Image credit: Canon)

Crafters and artists will appreciate the Canon TS9521C printer. Printing can be done on many different media, such as craft papers, cardstock, envelopes, and CDs.

Paper sizes up to 12 x 12 inches can be handled on this machine, which makes it very versatile. Print and create anything on this printer.

It’s time to buy the Canon TS9521C if you want something a little different! Crafty people will love it. 

With this model, jams and wasted paper won’t be a problem. Its simplicity makes it very user-friendly. Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connections are all available for printing.

Additionally, the printer prints at a respectable speed of 15 pages per minute. Five ink cartridges are required. Your photos will last for many years and won’t fade due to the quality of the ink.

Inkjet printers for cardstock have never been better thanks to its features and specs.

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: Canon
  • Printer Output: Color
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet
  • Prints on cardstock and is ideal for craft projects
  • Excellent connectivity options and fast printing
  • The ink is expensive

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer with Mobile Printing

(Image credit: HP)

You can use the HP OfficeJet 3830 if you need to print on heavy cardstock. Cardstock up to 300 grams per square meter can be handled beautifully.

It produces images and graphics that appear detailed and vivacious in color. Its 4800 x 1200 pixel (for color) resolution makes this possible.

With this OfficeJet printer, you can print fancy designs perfectly. You can create anything you like.

The maximum print speed is only 8.5 pages per minute. Despite this, it has plenty of other useful features including an optional quiet mode and a 2.2-inch touchscreen.

The printer is intuitive and easy to use due to its excellent connectivity. The process of connecting from a computer or smartphone via WiFi is straightforward and fast.

The printer itself is sleek and compact with a black design. Unfortunately, the ink cartridges for this printer aren’t cheap, so it will add up quickly. As a result, print volumes could become problematic with this printer. 

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: HP
  • Printer Output: Color
  • Connectivity Technology: USB; Wi-Fi
  • The paper is suitable for all card stocks up to 300g/m2
  • Great resolution and image quality
  • There is a considerable cost associated with ink

Epson SureColor P600 Wireless Color Photo Printer

(Image credit: Epson)

In addition, Epson SureColor P600 delivers wonderful results on cardstock. From fine art paper to photo paper, this printer can handle all kinds of media.

With a resolution of 5760 x 1440 pixels, the printing quality is excellent. You will see all the details and beauty in your photos and prints. There is no fluctuation in the quality.

In addition, the SureColor P600 supports designs as large as A3. This gives you even more options.

The printer itself, measuring 61x37x23 cms, has more space as a result. Make sure that your room can accommodate the printer before you buy it.

Nine different ink cartridges are available for the P600. The color printing is excellent! 

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: Epson
  • Printer Output: Color
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • The maximum size of the print is A3
  • Detailed and high resolution color images are produced
  • There’s a lot of bulk with it

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

(Image credit: HP)

Those who need to print lots of pages will love the HP OfficeJet Pro printer! This printer is ideal for a small office, as well as for a home office.

Printing speeds of up to 22 pages per minute are impressive, and you’ll save a lot of time with this printer!

Additionally, your life will be easier thanks to its advanced features. The wireless connection can self-heal, and there is extra security.  

You can select the right tool more easily with a color touchscreen. You can also print from your smartphone or laptop with HP Smart App.

Up to 250 sheets of paper can be stored in the paper tray, making this printer ideal for large print jobs. 

Media can be printed on up to 105g/m2. The answer is no for very heavy cardstock, but it’s perfect for lighter ones. When printing on thicker paper, keep this in mind.

This machine is bigger and takes up more space than you would expect with all its features. But the OfficeJet Pro is surprisingly compact.

You can print up to 25,000 pages per month with this printer, saving you time and reducing paper waste. Ideal for a variety of paper types from standard paper to medium-thick card stock, it is extremely versatile.

  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Brand: HP
  • Printer Output: Color
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Printing in large quantities at its best
  • The application offers a number of time-saving and advanced features
  • Do not use thick cardstock

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Printer for Cardstock Printing

Can it handle what kinds of paper and cardstock?

A printer’s first consideration when buying cardstock is its ability to handle a variety of thicknesses of paper. Make sure you double-check its capabilities before buying it! 

Materials can range in density from 135-200 g/m2. The thickest cardstock may not be supported by every printer. 

Thus, when you are looking for a thick-paper printer, keep this in mind. Each printer has a minimum and maximum paper thickness that must be checked.

Laser Vs Inkjet Printer?

Perhaps you don’t know what type of printer to use if you don’t know how to print on cardstock. Laser printers are typically not designed for processing thick paper and cardstock.

As a result, you have limited options for laser printers that are compatible with cardstock. When you have thicker paper to print on, I recommend inkjet printers. 

Laser printers for cardstock are available in high-end models. The costs are higher for these models and they’re better suited for large businesses.

Image Resolution & Quality

It is imperative that you prioritize the quality of your images. A high-quality printer produces sharp, crisp prints. It should have a high resolution.


Check out how you can print documents from your devices and how easy it is to hook up your devices. Most printers have USB ports for connecting to a laptop.

However, WiFi connectivity is one of the best features of the device. Through this, it is possible to print from any location in the house. There is no need to have a printer nearby. Printing from your phone would be even better!

Printing Speed

Prior to purchase, it is important to check the printing speed of a printer. It is particularly important if you are going to print a lot of pages.

Printing at 25 pages per minute (also called ppm) is possible with some printers. The limited speed of a printer can be frustrating.

However, if you only occasionally use this printer or print a few pages, this may not be a major factor for you.

Ink Configuration

Depending on the ink configuration, the printer has multiple ink cartridges. Purchasing more ink cartridges might make you think that replacing them will cost more.

Although buying a printer that has multiple cartridges (5+) may save you money! Since ink should only be replaced once at a time, you should not have to do so frequently. If you have two cartridges, you won’t run out as quickly.


Keep in mind that the printer’s dimensions should be taken into account. Even though modern printers can often fit into a small footprint, that isn’t true of all models. There are some heavy printers out there!

You might not have much storage space at home if you’re buying a printer for your office. 

Measuring the space where your printer will go is a good way to determine how it will compare to the specifications. If the printer has too much space, you can eliminate it from consideration.

Final Thoughts

The printers listed above are my favorites right now. 

From basic printers to art printers, you have a wide variety of options.

Choosing a printer that works with cardstock isn’t always easy. This article is your one-stop shop! All of these models meet the right requirements.

Find out more about and check prices for your ideal printer once you’ve found it! 

Feel free to ask me any questions or leave a comment below.

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