How To Unpause A Printer?

Printers and printing have been a pivotal addition to preserving information ever since their inception. They transformed the way the traditional sources of writing we’re going. A lot of increase in demand pushed early runners to provide printers. HP and Brother, like many other manufacturers, have been supplying their quality printers in the market. But you cannot always have a smooth run with these machines. New facilities poured new hurdles requiring modern solutions. Thus, printing papers on computer-based printers has its fair share of hiccups in providing prints.

Some printers running on Windows 10 indicate a pause error; this is a standard error. And to address this issue, we are providing you with a complete guide on how to unpause a printer

 This pause error could result from a glitch in the software or if the pause printing option is activated on your Windows 10.

To unpause your printer, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open printing window
  2. Select stuck file
  3. Right-click and select the resume option
  4. Check for print

The solution mentioned above is for any printing error where many prints are sent to the printer. A big file may cause you to pause your prints on HP desktop or laptop. This printing panel efficiently controls which files to pause and which ones to unpause. But this addresses a straightforward error caused by a high number of files sent simultaneously. However, there may be quite a few reasons for this kind of error. 

Let us explore a few other solutions that may help unpause stuck files. Firstly, we will cover common pausing problems, and secondly, we will focus on specific printers of top printing manufacturing companies, including Brother and HP.

  1. Uninstall software: For a more complicated solution, you may be required to uninstall and reinstall your software. You can find this option in the device manager; right-click on the printer and select uninstall the device. But do not forget to keep a copy of your software as a backup for reinstallation.
  1. Paper Jammed: Do physically inspect your Brother printer for any paper jammed error that temporarily limits your printing. Usually, this error is visible on the printer’s display panel. And if some models do not have panels, open the top lid, remove the toner, and see if any paper is stuck there. If yes, remove the stuck paper, and resend your print from the laptop/desktop. 
  1. Check USB Ports: At times, cables or plug-in ports get disturbed and happen to have a half plugged-in socket or port will cause a pause in any printing. So, to unpause, you need to check that all ports are well placed and intact.
  2. Default Setting: in addition to physical inspection, check and reset printing settings to default. It may seem a simple solution but is as effective as any other solution shared here. So if nothing is working on your Windows 10, just reset printing settings back to default, and you never know.
  3. Check network: if you send prints from an official network, you better check if the internet facility is active. At times a disruption on the internet causes you to pause your prints. Once you are back online, you will see your queued prints flowing through the printer. 
  4. Ink cartridges are another common problem that may pause the printing process. Do check your cartridge level and have it replaced if it is not complete, as this could be why your printer is not providing prints.

All of the above are common errors and glitches which solve this issue for any made. However, now we are focusing our attention on two particular printer manufacturers, including HP and Brother. We will try to unravel a maximum number of possibilities as to how to unpause a printer. 

Unpausing a HP Printer:

If you are part of a network of multiple printers, first of all, you need to mark your HP printer as your default printer. Usually, this simple technique will remove any pausing error. Such an option can quickly complete under the Printers and Scanners option of the control panel on your Windows 10 or any other operating system. By clicking Manage > Set as the Default option, you are good to see off this error.

Unpausing a Brother Printer:

Setting your owned printer to default under the control panel can easily remove pausing errors. However, if it does not solve the problem, you need to check hardware, ink cartridges, connections, cables, USB ports, etc. In addition, you may also require reinstalling the software’s driver. These checkups will ensure that your printer is perfectly fit to perform.

Unpacking prints on Windows 10:

 Windows 10 users may face the problem of having their printers not providing prints. If you are facing this issue, you need to worry as this error can quickly be cleared by following a simple series of steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to locate the Advanced Settings Tab under Properties of the print server.
  2. Secondly, just put your cursor on print directly and give it a click.
  3. Thirdly, go to the General option and update the automatic start-up feature.

There you have it; these three steps will help you clear your cache of stuck prints, if any. And your printer is refreshed and ready to give prints without any red light.

Valuable Tips:

Summarizing a few keys from our above discussion of how to unpause a printer, a few simple tips are mentioned below.

  • Clear all prints queued in your print command and resend those points one by one
  • Double-check all connections, including LAN, power, CPU, and printer cables
  • Check for any torn paper stuck inside the printer and remove if any
  • Ensure your prints are routed to the correct printer if you are sending prints on multiple printers at the same time
  • Check if your printer has filled cartridge
  • Use right-sized paper for different sizes of the file required to print

Bottom line: 

Unpausing a printer is not problematic, as evident from the above discussion and tips. However, if you still cannot get your file printed, you may be required to hire a professional expert to check and advise. But, with experience, we can state that a significant percentage of errors will settle by following the steps mentioned earlier.

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