Maxify vs. PIXMA: Which Printer is Right for You?

The main difference between Maxify and PIXMA printers is that Maxify printers are designed for business users who need to print high-quality documents quickly, while PIXMA printers are geared more towards home users and photographers who need to produce high-quality photos.

Maxify vs. PIXMA

When it comes to choosing a printer, there are many factors to consider. But if you’re trying to decide between a Maxify and PIXMA printer, here are the most important things to keep in mind. Maxify is Canon’s line of business inkjet printers while PIXMA is Canon’s line of consumer and semi-professional photo printers. Maxify being the best small compact 3D printers are designed for small businesses and home offices, while PIXMA printers are geared towards general consumers and amateur photographers.

Maxify vs. PIXMA: Considerations

When choosing between a Maxify or PIXMA printer, the main considerations should be what kinds of documents or photos you plan on printing, how often you plan on printing, and whether you need features like duplex printing or wireless connectivity.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the key differences between Maxify and PIXMA printers:

Printing Speed and Capacity

  1. Maxify printers are generally faster than PIXMA printers, with some models capable of printing up to 24 pages per minute (ppm). PIXMA printers have a slower print speed, with most models maxing out at around 15 ppm.
  2. Maxify printers also have a higher monthly duty cycle, meaning they can handle more pages per month without running into issues like jamming or excessive wear and tear. If you plan on doing a lot of printing, a Maxify printer may be a better option.

Print Quality

  • PIXMA printers are known for their exceptional print quality, especially when it comes to photos. If you plan on doing any serious photo printing, a PIXMA printer is likely your best bet.
  • That said, Maxify printers are no slouch when it comes to print quality. They use a similar printing technology to PIXMA printers and are capable of producing sharp, detailed prints.

Paper Handling

  1. Maxify printers have larger paper trays than PIXMA printers, meaning you can load more paper at once and don’t have to worry about refilling the tray as often.
  2. PIXMA printers do have the advantage when it comes to photo paper, however. Many PIXMA models come with built-in photo paper trays that make it easy to print photos without having to change the type of paper in the tray.

Added Features

  1. Both Maxify and PIXMA printers come with a variety of added features that can make your life easier. Some common features include wireless connectivity, automatic duplex printing, and touchscreen displays.
  2. When it comes to added features, it really comes down to personal preference. Consider what kinds of features would be most useful to you and choose a printer that has the features you need.


  1. PIXMA printers are generally more affordable than Maxify printers, with many models available for under $100. If price is a major consideration, a PIXMA printer may be the better option.
  2. That said, Maxify printers often offer more bang for your buck in terms of print speed, paper capacity, and monthly duty cycle. If you need a workhorse printer that can handle a lot of printing, a Maxify printer may be worth the extra cost.


Which printer is better for printing speed and capacity?

Maxify is designed for business users who need to print high volumes quickly, while PIXMA is geared more towards general home users.

Which printer has better quality prints?

PIXMA printers are known for their excellent print quality, while Maxify printers focus more on speed and efficiency.

Which printer is more affordable?

Pricing varies depending on the model and features, but in general PIXMA printers are more affordable than Maxify printers.

Which printer is easier to use?

Both types of printers are easy to use, but PIXMA printers tend to have more user-friendly features and menus.

Which printer has better customer support?

Canon offers great customer support for both Maxify and PIXMA printers. However, Maxify printers come with a one-year warranty while PIXMA printers have a two-year warranty


Maxify is Canon’s business line of printers while PIXMA is their consumer line. Maxify printers are designed for small businesses and have features like higher page yields, duplex printing, and faxing. PIXMA printers are designed for home use and have features like Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity.

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